About Mark Blackwell

I graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a degree in Music Education, at least that is what I thought I had at the time and how the paper reads.  What I really received was a degree in learning how to learn.  I always had a passion for photography, but my early working life was mostly centered around the aviation industry.  When life forced a career change, photography was the natural choice.   It was time for me to put the ability to learn back into use again, but the availability of information made it easier to find.  Finding it one thing, but the work always comes from retaining it and putting it to practical use.  That was the challenge I enjoyed the most.

The love of reading makes this not a chore but a pleasure.  Any photography book from Ansel Adams,  to Scott Kelby are books I enjoy reading, pondering, and then questioning with boldness.  Yes I have my favorites, but reading and studying everyone is the key to developing your own ideas, style and perspective.